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2013 New Home Design Trends

Categories: Uncategorized | Posted: January 22, 2013

Before we know it, January will be heading to its close, but before we let 2013 take off without us, we at Rouse Chamberlin thought it might be a good idea to talk about some design trends we’ve noticed popping up.  We offer our own high quality floor plans in each of our new home communities, and we’ve discussed our Design Center in an earlier blog post.

But style and home decor has a lot to do with how we feel about our homes once we’re actually living in them.  Vicki at For Your Home has a few ideas for the new homeowner seeking to make their house a home this year.

As you might imagine, color pallets and design trends rotate in and out of what’s currently popular.  We’ve started to spy the resurgence of classy, sophisticated neutral tones.  This doesn’t mean that colors are to be completely ignored, but rather that the subtlety of texture, shapes, finishes, and other design elements will be appreciated and sought after.  With the softening of brighter colors and the strong presence of blues, greens, creams, and browns, Vicki predicts that more natural and nature-based hues will be expressed in 2013.  (We think this will be in perfect harmony with many our lovely Franklin Chase community homes backing to lush greenery and wooded areas!)

What’s particularly fantastic about this reemergence of color trend is how accessible and adaptable it is!  Home owners can truly think “outside the box” when it comes to personal preference, and their own signature style can be easily expressed.  Gone are the days where few options were available due to the niche-specific (and pricey) fads.  Now new home owners can explore different ways to express themselves in design, not only in the items they select to fill the rooms of their home, but the texture and look of the floors, walls, and countertops.

Down-to-earth themes are growing in popularity, and accents involving stone, glass, wood, or shell are prominently featured in many 2013 designs.  We’re finding that the natural look feels comforting, and more artificial aesthetics (such as plastic or other synthetic materials) are less likely to be utilized overall.

You may see the presence of any of the following styles:

Botanicals and/or Insects: Flowers are appearing through many mediums, such as pillows and fake (or real) flowers in vases throughout the home.  Floral prints and even previously-considered “creepy crawlies” such as dragonflies, butterflies, or other insects are emerging as a viable decorative option, a way of bringing nature indoors to be enjoyed.

Tribal or Bohemian: This has often been expressed using bedding, drapes, or other fabrics. Block patterns are some of the most basic designs to dip your toe into this motif.  The occasional colorful piece amidst the neutral backdrop will really make for an attractive and exciting focal point upon entering a room.

Tell us what you’ve seen coming into fashion these days!  Are there any particular design features you’re excited about?  Let us know!


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