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Ellie Lund Retirement

June 29, 2020

Ellie Lund has seen Rouse Chamberlin Homes grow throughout the years. She has been with us from the beginning – from back in the day when Bill Rouse and Steve Chamberlin ran the show! She has welcomed every new member of our team with a smile for the past 35 years.

Ellie has had a tremendous influence on making RC Homes what it is today in 2020. Starting in 1985, she has experienced it all including learning how to adjust from writing down every order to using something called a “computer.” Steve Chamberlin loves to share how she was resistant but learned by using a computer game he bought her!

We are extremely appreciative of her dedication, service, and reliability. We are forever thankful to you, Ellie. We wish you nothing, but the very best for you and your husband.

Best Wishes from Coworkers who have turned into Friends: 

"Ellie Lund was working at Rouse Chamberlin when I came on board in 1994. I was fortunate enough to be on a Team working with Ellie after my first year. Ellie brought in the experience that I lacked with a new company, showing me the procedures, how things were run here day today, and how to get along with all. While my first two years were very stressful, I doubt that I’d be here today without her guidance and direction. Always honest and reliable, someone I could count on for a straight answer. Rouse Chamberlin today is what it is because of Ellie’s attitude, discipline, and integrity. I only wish she could work alongside me for another 35 years.”
—Mike Honan, Vice President

Mike Honan and Ellie Lund | RC Homes Employees

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ellie for over 20 years! Over these years she has become so much more than a co-worker to me. We are friends who have become more like family. We have shared our daily lives and our joys and sorrows – too many to truly cover these many years. I have such wonderful memories that mean so much more, because these times were shared with Ellie – PHOTOS, life lessons, opinions, babies, graduations, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, Christmas and Pollyanna parties, travel adventures, books, tv shows, coupons, recipes, ideas, plans, likes, dislikes, faith, hopes, and dreams! I cannot thank Ellie enough for her words of wisdom, kindness, and love she has given to me, through these years. She has been a huge blessing in my life and I will always be eternally grateful for our friendship!”
—Karen Reimert, Purchasing Contracts Manager

Karen, Ellie and Melanie | RC Homes Employees

“Ellie and I met in 2000. She was my mentor, officemate, and now my forever friend. In the last 20 years of working together, we have shared so many happy times as well as sad ones. She has helped me so much at work and also been my personal cheerleader while navigating some tough years! Thankfully, I am currently working from home so I can adjust to working alone & then going back to the office we once shared. My wish for Ellie is that life continues to bring her joy and that the hard times may always be conquered by her circle of love from family and friends! Here are the Top Ten Things Ellie has Taught Me:
  1. Happiness is having granddaughters! Golden retriever grand dogs are second best to #1!
  2. Never underestimate the power of Happy Hour. No need to leave the house to enjoy this golden hour. (Note-stay stocked a Pandemic is always a possibility).
  3. Expiration dates are just a suggestion.
  4. See the world as much as you can while you can.
  5. If you plan on aging, make sure you have a son nearby to fill the air in your car tires.
  6. Make time for your children, no matter their age, whenever they need you.
  7. Be in charge of your own time, no one should get in the way of your hair cut appointments.
  8. Reading can bring the world to you when you can’t get there.
  9. One Facebook post can brighten any day.
  10. All roles we play in life require perseverance. 
And Just one more…. some of your best friends start out as coworkers!”
—Melanie Bemiss, Customer Service

“Ellie captures so much of what makes the Rouse Chamberlin “family” so special. I first met her onsite at a Rouse Chamberlin neighborhood where she handled the essential role of construction coordinator – juggling construction schedules, contractors, and homeowners each and every day. She demonstrated a wonderful combination of warmth, conversation, and take no prisoners attitude that made her a natural leader of the coordinator team and kept any project site where she worked running smoothly. More recently it’s great fun to witness that same energy in the main office where everyone looks forward to “Ellie Days” when she bursts onto the scene and lifts everyone’s spirits sharing stories of children and grandchildren adventures and then tackling the tasks of the day. She will be missed!”
—Jon Penders, President

It's abundantly clear how deeply missed Ellie will be. While we are sure we will see Ellie very soon, we want her to know how loved and appreciated she is here.

She will forever be a part of the Rouse Chamberlin Family. Happy Retirement!

Thank you to the entire team for not only making our dream a reality, but for making the process an absolute pleasure!