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Our Smart

Energy-Efficient Choices

At Rouse Chamberlin Homes, we make smart choices to help ensure that you, our customer, are making the right decision. We select energy-efficient features to help you save more, live healthier, and feel true comfort in your new home in the years to come. From products to construction techniques, our team builds homes that will last a lifetime. Energy-efficiency is a priority while building your perfect home. In every home, we incorporate a variety of energy-efficient features. We design homes for efficiency, comfort, and savings by installing correctly-sized products, insulation, and appliances. Your home reduces the environmental impact you’re making and promotes a safe, sustainable neighborhood.

How do you measure quality?

Properly installed insulation with higher R-value helps keep heat in during winter and out during the summer.

Sealing leaks, cracks and gaps throughout the home and around equipment reduces drafts and energy bills.

Well-sealed and insulated duct systems reduce air loss by as much as 20% for greater comfort.

More efficient than standard models when sized and installed properly.

The Low-E coating reflects heat back to its source so it helps your home stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Housewrap functions as a weather-resistant barrier, preventing rain from getting into the wall assembly while allowing water vapor to pass to the exterior.

This gas acts as an insulator, working in both summer and winter to keep interiors protected from outside temperatures.

Longer-lasting and more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs, reducing energy usage by 35-75%.

What is the HERS Index?

The Home Energy Ratings System (HERS®) Index is a measurement system for how a home’s energy efficiency is measured. The lower home score equals a more energy efficient home and that equals higher savings and lower energy bills for the Homeowner!

A home with a HERS® Index Score of 62 is 38% More Energy Efficient than a standard new home. A home with a HERS® Index Score of 130 is 30% Less Efficient than a standard new home.

How RC Home Does it Right

A home with a HERS® Index Score of 62 is 38% more energy efficient than a standard new home. In turn, a home with a HERS® Index Score of 130 is 30% less efficient than a standard new home. Each year, our construction team works diligently to keep improving our ratings because the lower the number is:

  1. the more money you’ll save
  2. the more you’ll reduce your carbon footprint
  3. the more peace and comfort you’ll feel.

Ready to Make the Move

RC Homes wants to support you in the decision-making process and ease your mind with every question you may have. Our never-ending commitment to quality with a focus on energy-efficiency is a start. Download our Quality Control Guide to learn about our Rouse Chamberlin standards and how they will benefit your family.

Ask us further questions regarding the construction of a Rouse Chamberlin home. We can schedule an appointment for you to meet with one of our project managers to discuss the build of your new home. We are always here to help.

Overall everything has been fantastic and everyone was helpful and great to work with. Prior, I had only heard fantastic things about Rouse Chamberlin as a builder and would now recommend to other as the house is awesome and process went smoothly.

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