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Building Process

Starting the home building process is exciting for the entire family. The anticipation to see the finished product will be high during the months before settlement, but it makes receiving the keys to your new home that much more rewarding! After designing your new home with our team, your project manager will submit the building permit to the township for approval. Once it is approved, the transformation of your plot of land into your dream home will begin. Throughout the process, your community specialist will provide weekly updates on the progress of your home along with arranging visitation throughout the process such as a frame walk tour. The below steps will provide a general idea of how your home will begin to take shape:


Excavating and Foundations

First, the construction team must prepare the land for the build which requires digging the foundation and pouring the footings of the home. The township inspects the foundation before construction continues.


Framing and Enclosing

At this stage, the bones of your home are installed – aka the framework. The exterior and interior walls are erected along with the trusses and framing of your roof. Your roof’s shingles and exterior millwork (windows and doors) will also be installed at this time.


The Rough-Ins for Mechanical Systems

Before enclosing the framework, subcontractors will connect the plumbing, heating and cable rough-ins. Telephone lines are pre-wired. The concrete for the basement flooring, stoops and deck holdings may be poured, as well. Local inspectors are required to sign-off on these items before moving forward.


Interior Wall Finishes & Exterior Painting

Now, it will start to feel more like home rather than just a house! The bare bones are being covered with insulation, drywall, interior millwork, and paint (white only). The flooring and plumbing are also added.

All wood on trim, fascia millwork and siding will be painted or stained.


Interior Installations

Your home starts to become a realty when you begin to see the interior features you’ve selected in our Design Studio inside your home. From hardwood flooring or carpeting to the mirrors and shower enclosures, the combination of features you’ve chosen are now combined.

Quality control is our top priority when building your home. Our Quality Control Manager searches every inch of your home and creates a report for the project manager that must be fixed before settlement. He is searching for even the smallest nick in a wall to be fixed and perfected for you, the


The Clean Up

The finishing touches include a major interior and yard cleanup. Your landscaping is perfected (typically determined by your HOA). The RC Homes team and the township conduct a final inspection in order to ensure your home is safe and meets your standards.


Settlement Day

When settlement day comes, you will walk your home with your project manager. He will introduce you to your new home, and provide tips on the ins and outs of your home; this includes how to use or clean specific appliances, how to take care of your hardwood flooring, and how your manabloc system functions.

We hope that you allow us to welcome you home. Settlement is an exciting day, and we want to make the entire home building experience special for you and your family. Speak to a community specialist to get started on finding your dream Rouse Chamberlin home!

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